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Over the past few years we’ve enjoyed seeing Diespeker terrazzo come to life – not just in projects but on our company vehicles!

Several of our vans have been wrapped in some of the most popular terrazzo designs – TE007 of course, and most recently TE114. They are extremely eye-catching and are often commented on.

But now you might spot another vehicle negotiating the streets of South London, wearing a recognisable ‘coat’ of terrazzo. Rather than a practical business vehicle, this is a two-door, 16 year old Corsa!

The car belonged to MD John’s mum but when she decided to stop driving, John offered to purchase the car – thinking it would be an ideal run-around for Diespeker. But of course he didn’t stop there. To make sure it was distinctive, he asked for it to be wrapped in the very stylish terrazzo design TE081B.

The result? Pretty impressive, we think. Once response was: “It’s a modern classic!”

If you see the Corsa when you’re out and about, then give the driver a wave.

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