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Curved cladding

One of the wonders of working with Diespeker’s resin terrazzo is our ability to create beautiful curves.

A recent project for Swiss-based vegetarian and vegan restaurant chain Tibits shows the unusual design that can be achieved with curved resin. This particular piece, in addition to the curve, also has delicate grooves to provide added interest and a tactile quality.

Along with the cladding, Diespeker made around 20 circular table tops in matching resin terrazzo. Resin is a wise choice for restaurant tables, as it is durable and easier to clean than its cement twin.

Tibits is the brainchild of the three Frei brothers who had a dream for restaurants that could offer delicious and fresh vegetarian food quickly but in a warm and friendly café environment.

The cladding and table tops were destined for Switzerland, where we hope they are enjoyed by appreciative Swiss vegetarians.

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