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Diespeker limestone provides backdrop for stationery shoot

Although Diespeker works on many large-scale commercial and residential projects, we love getting involved in niche projects too.

We were recently approached by Jess Howard, Founder and Creative Director of Matere, a stationery business with craftsmanship, quality, a minimalist aesthetic and commitment to sustainability at the heart of its ethos. Graphic designer Jess was planning a photoshoot and was on the hunt for inspiration. She takes up the story:

“I came across Diespeker on Instagram while planning the art direction for the photoshoot as I follow a lot of interior designers. The Matere product range is very textural and draws influence from distinctive, often natural surfaces and tactile finishes. It was important to include a carefully-chosen selection of props in the shoot that was a continuation and celebration of this concept.”

“Being based in South London not too far from Bermondsey, it was also a great opportunity to source materials from a local supplier. I had several chats with John from Diespeker on the phone going through options, as everything was done during lockdown and I couldn’t visit the site. I was particularly drawn to the idea of using neutral-toned limestones and concretes as the detail in them is subtle yet really beautiful. It was important that the tones and textures inherent in the props didn’t overpower the products themselves, which are quite neutral in their own right.

John kindly went out and took photos of some larger pieces and one stood out as being absolutely perfect as the areas of detail weren’t too large and it offered a lovely matte finish which is perfect for photography. The Diespeker team then cut a piece at the size I needed and left some raw edges on the sides. This allowed us to capture a more natural, more textural feel to the imagery that ties in perfectly with the Matere brand.”

We think the resulting images are superb, showing off Matere’s beautiful, minimalist products to perfection.

The Matere range includes elegant soft and hardcover notebooks, planners and posters. To take a peek follow them on Instagram or visit

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