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Diespeker’s unique take on the Shard!

If you know Diespeker at all, you’ll know we love experimenting with the wonderful materials we work with. We’re also keen to expand the range, looking for ever more interesting and unusual surfaces to stock.

In 2021 we introduced a stunning material created from semi-precious Khel stone, which is a type of agate. These extravagant surfaces are used in luxury projects, seen in ostentatious hotels, flamboyant restaurants and grandiose residences around the world.

Our agate has been used to create backlit panels in a subterranean swimming pool, also featuring in columns, plinths, wall lights and as inlaid pieces for steps.

The success of the backlit panels led the team to consider creating a decorative product with the agate. MD John Krause envisioned a pyramid shape that could become an eye-catching feature for a garden.

During the development phase, the pyramid became elongated, earning the decorative object the title of ‘The Shard’, as it is reminiscent of this now-iconic London building. After the final touches were made, the new artwork was installed in a London garden, with John joking that due to its location, Heathrow Airport could potentially use it as a marker to land night time planes arriving from the east.

It does add a fantastic contemporary look to the garden, especially as it sits atop Diespeker’s bespoke Rubblazzo tiles; as this is made from London rubble, there’s a sense of old meeting the very new.

After the success of the blue ‘Shard’ a second lit artwork has been manufactured at Diespeker’s factory. This mini version is in a rather current Barbie pink.

The actual Shard is sometimes referred to as a ‘Beacon for Modern London’ – perhaps Diespeker’s shards could be awarded the title ‘Lighting up Innovation in London’.

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