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Dynamic duo keeps Diespeker running smoothly

Diespeker’s office team has expanded with the addition of Kirsty Wyatt, who is taking on a full-time role as office administrator and sales administrator.

Kirsty joins part-time office administrator Lucy, who started with Diespeker in November 2015. The two already know each other from previous employment at SPS (Swiss Post Services).

Peckham-born and bred, Lucy has a short commute to work as she lives just 2 minutes away from the Diespeker office and factory in Bermondsey. For Lucy it’s a real family affair, as her mum, Lilly also works for Diespeker as a cleaner and her partner Mitch is employed in the yard.

Kirsty, who as well as working at SPS also spent time as a receptionist in a law firm before starting at Diespeker, lives in Woolwich. As the new kid on the block she’s still finding her feet, but says she’s really enjoying the administration role.

Outside of work, Kirsty likes to travel as much as she can, and get involved in charity events, while Lucy loves to get involved with crafting and arts.

Both Kirsty and Lucy tell us they like the friendly setting and relaxed environment of the Diespeker office (and they’re doing a fine job of keeping us on our toes).

So next time you call in, don’t forget to say hello to our dynamic duo!

Lucy and Kirsty for website

Lucy, part-time Office Administrator (left), Kirsty, Office and Sales Administrator (right)

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