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From London to Lands’ End – and back!

Our sporty MD recently joined four friends on a marathon cycling trip. The journey started in Wimbledon and took in some delightful routes as they travelled west.

The intrepid team then turned around and cycled all the way back!

The total distance they covered was around 1,000km. They stayed at some lovely hotels along the route, enjoying the opportunity since lockdown measures eased earlier in the summer.

John says that between them, the team had taken part in many Ironman races, represented GB and even ridden round the world. 1,000km on a bike was surely a walk in the park…

In preparation for the mammoth ride, rather than some warm-up stretches, John instead completed his 170th marathon, at Cyclopark in Gravesend, with a time of 3.56 – quicker he says, than his first marathon 20 years’ ago and a great result considering he hasn’t run that distance for over 6 months.

The key question is – did Five go Mad in Cornwall? That, we will never know!

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