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How do we meet slip resistance standards?


What is slip resistance and how do we meet recommendations?

According to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) slips and trips are the most common cause of injury at work, causing on average over a third of all major injuries and over 40% of all reported injuries to members of the public. (It is worth noting that most of these are slips due to issues with the surface, such as water and grease). The same concerns apply to flooring at home, particularly in areas where the floor may get wet, such as bathrooms.

As experts in the stone flooring sector, Diespeker is committed to ensuring our products meet or exceed the required standards.

The term ‘slip’ applies to the point when a heel strikes the floor and fluid (often water) prevents contact with the floor. A higher slip resistance means you are less likely to slip. Slip resistance is given a PTV rating. The highest rating is 36+ PTV, which is suitable for all internal domestic area (including bathrooms), commercial projects and external areas.

Many of Diespeker’s flooring surfaces already meet or exceed this value.  


In-house pendulum testing

Research has confirmed that pendulum testing provides a reliable and accurate test for assessing the slipperiness of a floor. Diespeker offers this testing in-house.

For architects, designers and residential clients this means that we can quickly evaluate the slip resistance of any of our natural stone or terrazzo flooring options prior to specification and order.

It’s possible to live-test surfaces with clients present – if a surface doesn’t meet compliance we can look at other options such as changing the grade of finish, opting, for example, for cement based terrazzo rather than resin, or marble instead of granite.

Diespeker’s pendulum testing service is carried out by our trained, certified team members, and means that clients will be better informed to make decisions right at the start of a project and will be able to save a great deal of time. We provide a full written report and our in-house certificate once the flooring is installed (please note, this is a Diespeker certificate, not BSI or UKSRG).

As many suppliers outsource this service, it is a bonus to offer this as part of our comprehensive in-house provision.

Commercial floors – Non Slip 21

In commercial applications Diespeker provides an extra precaution against slips using world renowned Non Slip 21 treatment from Safety Direct Group Team which also provides the professional installation service. The full service includes:

  • Floor preparation for the installation of Non Slip 21 application
  • Installation of Non Slip 21
  • Testing with the pendulum meter to ensure 36PTV + has been achieved
  • Providing a full written report with certification, cleaning regime and 1 – 5 years warranty (T&C apply)

Peace of mind

With our in-house pendulum testing and Non Slip 21, Diespeker’s full range of products can be specified and installed with complete knowledge and peace of mind.

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