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Making a floor from a non-floor

Diespeker has a strong history of providing exquisite flooring solutions for interior designers and contractors working with retailers including Reiss in the UK, Europe and the States, and exclusive stores in London such as Paul Smith and J&M Davidson.

However, sometimes we are asked to try something rather different and we always strive to achieve the best possible results.

So, when we were asked to turn an old concrete screed into attractive flooring for a new boutique, we called on traditional renovation skills to achieve something rather special.

The project arose when upmarket Australian fashion brand Zimmerman decided to open its first European shop on Bruton Street. Rather than commission new flooring, d-raw designer Dorrien Hopley was inspired to repurpose the concrete screed revealed when the existing tiles were taken up.

This concrete was never intended to be used as a floor, but Dorrien saw the potential. In response, the Diespeker team rolled up their sleeves and repaired the concrete using a bespoke mix to create a smooth, seamless surface. They then ground and polished the concrete to fashion a gorgeous and original floor for the boutique. Dorrien’s aspiration was achieved.

Other work undertaken by Diespeker at Zimmerman included other flooring using terrazzo TE054, a grey toned terrazzo from our new Standard Plus range (approx. 10m² 200×200 12mm small tiles). Diespeker also supplied and fixed slate around the window frames and entrance door frames, and supplied porcelain tiles for the rest room.

Project Value: Circa £18K
Contractor: Centreline
Architect/Designer: Dorrien Hopley, d-raw

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