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Charity work

Marathon 210 completed!

A huge congratulations to MD John Krause on another successful London Marathon run. John completed the course in 03:37:31 – bettering his 2023 time of 3 hours 39 and smashing his Malta time of just under 4 hours (although that was very much due to extreme weather conditions).

John was placed at 225 in his category, 9,621 in his gender and 12,405 overall. More than 50,000 people ran this year.

He says he received a real boost when he ran past Steve Edwards, a well-known marathon runner (at 62 just slightly younger than John) who has taken part in 998 marathon runs starting at 18. This was John’s 210th marathon – although he only started when he was 40. Steve is due to run marathon 1000 at Milton Keynes soon. We all wish him good luck.

Despite having been given a comprehensive list of what to do/not to do beforehand, John’s pre-marathon preparation this year was interesting; he apparently went out for dinner the night before and enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine….

Even so, as soon as he began his run, starting off in the ‘Wave 4’ runners, he found himself totally ‘in the zone’, to the extent that he didn’t notice any of his many supporters waving madly at him, even Dr Krause from stem4. He says this is quite usual for him – when running the Paris Marathon he has no recollection of running under the Arc de Triomphe.

Did John’s Nike Air Alphafly running shoes help his time? We may need to tell him that the top three runners were all wearing Adidas Evo Pro 1s. Cue a visit to Oxford Street before marathon 211?

On a serious note, having begun with a modest target of £1,000, John has raised over £2,500 for charity stem4. Thank you to everyone who donated. And there’s still time to add to the total which has a new target of £3,000.

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