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Significant funds for Diespeker’s chosen charity, stem4

A sculpture donated by contemporary sculptor Michael Speller raised £5,000 for teenage mental health charity stem4, which Diespeker supports as a long-term charity partner.

The limited edition bronze sculpture, called Acknowledge, was displayed at the Clarendon Fine Art Gallery in Richmond as part of a new exhibition of his work. It was soon snapped up by a delighted admirer.

Founder of stem4, Nihara Krause said: “We are very grateful to Michael who so generously donated his limited edition sculpture to be auctioned for stem4.

“stem4 offers a range of provision to support the mental health of young people and the proceeds of the donation will go towards developing our next App for depression since this is one of the most common conditions affecting children and young people. We are very appreciative for the ongoing support of Diespeker & Co who facilitated the introduction of Michael to stem4.” Diespeker has supplied granite plinths to Michael for many years.

As a result of the exhibition and sale of Acknowledge, Joe Hellman, a friend of Michael and his wife Sally, also decided to fundraise for stem4. Joe and his friend Harry will be taking part in the Mongol Rally this summer. This involves driving 10,000 miles from London to Mongolia through diverse countries such as Iran, Tajikistan and Russia.

Joe and Harry hope to raise £4,000 in total – they have already raised around £2,000. The team at stem4 is very excited about the venture and look forward to following their progress as they travel across the world. You can make a donation to this event here.

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