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Keeping your terrazzo countertop pristine – new anti-stain protection from Diespeker

We’ve worked with terrazzo for many years, providing beautiful surfaces for residential and commercial projects around the world. The aesthetic qualities of terrazzo cannot be underestimated.

Of course, we know that it’s a material that needs be cared for, especially when used for a countertop in a working kitchen. In this respect, terrazzo is no different from other materials including marble, granite and wood. The only truly ‘bombproof’ surface is engineered stone, but with this there’s a compromise on the visual appeal.

So for customers in love with terrazzo, the key issue is to protect the surface as much as possible.

Diespeker branded anti-stain protection

The most helpful thing you can do to keep a terrazzo countertop looking at its very best is to regularly apply a protective coating which helps prevent stains and water marks resulting from day to day usage.

Diespeker is now selling an anti-stain protector directly to customers, available to order online. This has been tried and tested to make sure it provides the best possible protection, whilst not affecting the appearance of the terrazzo.

Please note that although it will help prevent staining, this product is not guaranteed to work with highly acidic liquids such as lemon, Ketchup, chilli sauce and red wine. Our advice is that even when your countertop has anti-stain protection, all spills should be cleared up quickly.

Diespeker anti-stain protection costs just £35 for 1L with free delivery. Order yours using the button below.

You can find out more about how to maintain your countertop and keep it looking at its best by reading our Knowledge Base article.

We aim eventually to expand this range to potentially include a surface cleaner, grout and adhesive. Watch this space!

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