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Order your samples online at Diespeker & Co

Diespeker has brought terrazzo, concrete and natural stone sample ordering bang up to date with a new online sample ordering system.

Previously customers had to view samples in a long list, and write down reference codes to be added to a contact form on the relevant web page.

Now we’ve made life much simpler by enabling customers to add individual samples to a list (like a ‘basket’ used in online retail). Samples can be mixed materials, so you can add terrazzo, marble, granite, conglomerate, concrete and more to your wish list and view them side by side for comparison. You can also order more than one of the same sample.

Once you are happy with your selection, you will need to enter your delivery details, outline info on what you plan to use the materials for, and tell us how you heard of Diespeker. Then just click ‘order’.

Sample ordering Q&A

How many samples can I have?

As many as you need! We send out a maximum of 10 samples, but if you require more we’d be happy to help – just contact us. However, the great thing about our new sample feature is that you can compare shades, colours and patterns of our samples side-by-side in your “list” before you order, so you can narrow down your choice.

Are the samples free of charge?

All samples are free of charge with the exception of resin and bespoke terrazzo. Due to the bespoke nature of these samples we require a £80 deposit per tile, which will be fully refunded once the project goes through.

How long does it take to get a sample?

Most of our samples are kept in stock. If you are in the UK you should receive them within a week. You will receive delivery updates via email. If a sample is unavailable, we will contact you with options.

Will the samples match the online design and colour?

Our samples are cut from larger slabs which would otherwise be used on projects, so they are as representative as possible. Sometimes the veining, patterns or shades may vary, particularly with natural stone. If you want to see the slabs and our full range, you are very welcome to visit our showroom.

Can I order others if I don’t like the ones I receive?

Of course. Simply choose the samples you like, add them to your list to compare and once you’re happy, click the order button.

What are the sizes of the samples?

Sample sizes vary between  70x70mm to 150x100mm.

TE001 – TE031 70x70mm
TE032 – TE062 95x.95mm
TE063 – TE080 150x100mm

Conglomerate 70x70mm
Marble 150x100mm
Granite 150x100mm

Will Diespeker advise on which designs and materials complement each other?

We’d be happy to. Give us a call on 020 7358 0160 or pop an email to and we’ll discuss your options.

Do you ship overseas?

We ship overseas but there is a charge for this. You will need to provide a DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT number to proceed with shipping.

Click below to go directly to the sample pages:

Resin Terrazzo (due to the bespoke nature of these samples we require a £50 deposit per tile)
Conglomerate Marble

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