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Pick and mix at Diespeker

Design input spanned the generations when an entire family turned up to get involved with the creation of their new kitchen island countertop.

The Khandelwal family arrived en masse at the Diespeker premises in Bermondsey to hand pick the marble they wanted incorporated in a bespoke terrazzo mix. It was rather like being in a sweetshop, as they selected from a huge variety of marbles sourced from around the world, all on view in the yard.

Three different slabs of marble were chosen by the family; Oasis Green, Rosa Aurora and Rosso Levante. Once they were happy with their choice, our specialist team got to work breaking the marble into pieces suitable for the terrazzo. It took around 20 hours to break the marble!

The whole family then got involved with positioning the individual pieces of marble into the mould to their own design requirement. Before they were fixed in place, Diespeker’s Kirsty Wyatt gave everyone a Sharpie pen so they could write their names on the marble pieces. Although no-one will get to see the names, the family will know they are there!

Once everyone was happy with the placement of the marble, each piece was firmly stuck down on to a fibreglass-backed aluminium panel. Our TE017 resin mix was then carefully poured into the mould and trowelled around the individual marble pieces.

MD John Krause said: “This ‘pick and mix’ experience is a great example of our ability to work closely with our clients to achieve a personalised design.

“With around 3,000 slabs of marble and granite on site, clients can take their time to choose exactly the combination they want to create the look they are after.”   

Countertops like this are available as cement or resin based terrazzo. Diespeker’s service also offers the chance for green-minded clients to pick chunks of marble from remnants of slabs used in larger projects, reducing waste and helping our sustainable aims.

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