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Proud of our connection with celebrated sculptor Michael Speller

As specialists working daily with natural stone and terrazzo, we’d say there’s a certain amount of artistry associated with our business.

This comes to the fore with our connection with sculptor Michael Speller. Michael trained at Chelsea College of Arts and works from a studio in a set of old railway arches in Bermondsey, not too far from our location. And Diespeker has been supplying granite plinths for Michael’s sculptures for around 20 years now.

Michael focuses on figurative bronze sculpture. He says he’s been fascinated with the medium from his very first visit to a foundry; its fluidity and the challenge it presents is reflected and expressed in all his work.

Michael’s bronze figures aim to represent how we live in the world, combining the influences of family, friends, environment and society. “My work with the human form attempts to find a rhythm and balance in our lives, reflecting and realising our imperfections and then counterbalancing them with positivity and support in order to achieve a visual and spiritual equilibrium within ourselves and the world around us”

Michael appreciates the quality of the stone and Diespeker’s craftsmanship, and Diespeker appreciates his wonderful sculptures. In fact, there are now three examples of his work in MD John Krause’s home including one in the garden, recently refurbished with the help of another type of artist, celebrity garden designer Tom Massey.

John was thrilled to be invited to attend a recent show of Michael’s work at Clarendon Fine Art in Mayfair. He said: “It makes me proud to have had such a long association with Michael. What a success story beyond your imagination. Famous around the world!”

Michael has completed many private and public commissions. Working successfully with private collectors and with corporate organisations on larger scale public commissions, he has created a portfolio of personal and relevant work within the UK and globally.

A complete catalogue of his work can be seen on his website:

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