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Row, row, row your (marble) boat

Although Diespeker is a serious-minded business, there’s always space for a bit of fun – especially with our hardworking factory team.

We’ve all been feeling the stress of lockdown and not being able to easily get away for a holiday in sunny climes overseas. But one member of our factory team had a bright idea for a getaway plan.

While he was moving a slab of Carrara marble, Paul Acosta realised how much it looked like a boat from the side. It seems that he decided to make a break for it and was last seen heading for the Thames at London Bridge.

How far he will have got in a boat made from marble is debatable, of course.

Carrara marble is a readily available option for commercial and residential projects and is a perfect choice for countertops and floors. We don’t tend to recommend it as a material to make boats from.

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