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Diespeker has added to its fleet – with a branded e-bike. So now, if you live in London and you order samples, there’s a chance that you’ll get a two wheeled delivery!

As with our delivery trucks, we’ve branded our bike with one of our favourite terrazzo designs, TE007. The Lapierre road bike was wrapped by our friends at Cube London.

The bonus, of course, is that this is an eco-friendly method of delivery. The bike is electrically assisted so we hope our delivery cyclist will be using person-power for the most part, and only resorting to the electric capacity for the steepest of hills.

So, why an e-bike?

  • E-bikes are zero-emission vehicles, far kinder to the planet than other forms of transport. In fact, motor vehicles are the cause of around a fifth of our greenhouse gas emissions in the UK.
  • They use no fuel and attract no congestion charge, so they’re pretty economic all-round.
  • City roads are becoming ever-more congested. In 2019 on average every driver spent 115 hours stuck in traffic – that’s a lot of idling and a lot of pollution.
  • The carbon footprint of cycling, according to the European Cyclist’s Federation, is around 21 grams of C02e per passenger km travelled, compared with 271 grams of C02e per passenger km in a car.
  • Then there’s the health benefits from better cardiac health, core muscle strength and increased metabolism to lower stress levels.

If you do see our Diespeker e-bike out and about, be sure to give us a wave – and don’t forget to pass slow and wide!

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