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We’ve been busy adding to our range of terrazzo, particularly in terms of ever more vivid, eye-catching options.

Over the summer we welcomed delivery of the two striking designs, TE081 with a cream base and TE081B with a black base. Both designs have proved popular with designers requiring a strong look.

We have also recently introduced TE091, hailed by our MD John Krause as a ‘distant cousin’ of TE081B, due to its dark appearance. TE091, however, is a subtler design in terms of the size and distribution of chippings. The combination of smaller black, brown, orange, terracotta and white marble chippings results in a vibrant design perfect for flooring, countertops, plinths and cladding.

Suitable for both commercial and residential projects, TE091 is available from Diespeker’s Standard cement based range. It’s available in 20mm and 30mm thickness.

And for those who like the idea of ‘mix and match’, using similar designs with a different emphasis on colours, terrazzo TE089 accents yellow chippings, while TE090 highlights shades of green.

So whether you want a terrazzo that serves as a backdrop for furniture and accessories, or one that steals the show, check out our latest additions. The beauty of these designs is that they look great with everything!

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