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MAIE launches its first made-to-order design piece to inspire moments at home.

Diespeker would like to give a shout out to Theres Hoyos, the founder of design studio MAIE, who is launching her new range of made-to-order furniture pieces intended to turn space into a muse for inspired living. Diespeker has contributed by making the pieces to Theres’s innovative designs.

The MAIE line of furniture addresses the wasteful nature of today’s global interiors and furniture Market, conceiving thoughtful products for the future of homes, starting with The Coffee Table.

MAIE’s manifesto is to make moments matter, seeing space as an enabler – a frame for inspired living.

For its launch pieces, MAIE focuses on conveying the message to occasionally ‘take a moment’. The Coffee Table is a sleek, yet powerful duo of London-crafted stone coffee tables that offers MAIE’s community a steadfast way to ‘put their feet up’.

A complementary product, The Coffee Table Box is handmade from entirely recycled materials in Lincolnshire and provides a glimpse into MAIE’s dedication to material innovation and penchant for non-virgin materials.

Speaking of the designs, Theres emphasises the “conscious choice to keep it simple”. The slow living philosophy that underpins the MAIE brand ethos is reflected in the making of The Coffee Table.

  • Made to order with a range of customisation options
  • Made locally by leading artisans at Diespeker & Co
  • Made to last from premium natural materials, with a choice of marble, travertine or terrazzo
  • Made mindfully for the good of people and planet while drastically minimising waste


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