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Striking out for trade with China

Needing a new supplier for decorative glass fragments, MD John Krause has followed recent trade trends by striking up a relationship with a specialist supplier in China, a country that has been manufacturing glass since the 5th century BC and is now the biggest flat glass producer in the world.

The initial order from Diespeker includes samples of reds, greens, ambers and more, as well as a ‘glow in the dark’ variety of glass, which everyone is intrigued to check out.

John said: “The glass obtained from our previous supplier was pigmented, however the glass from China is pure glass, which will offer a different quality to the surface finish.”

The glass is for use in Diespeker’s increasingly popular bespoke terrazzo, giving designers yet more options for unique solutions to offer clients demanding exclusive concepts. Recent bespoke projects include yellow and blue countertops for Vico’s new Gelupo ice cream parlour in Cambridge Circus, countertops and table bases for Patterns nightclub in Brighton.

The imported glass fragments will add further opportunities for Diespeker to break the boundaries for terrazzo as a material of design choice.

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