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Palladiana terrazzo in St Tropez

Diespeker recently created a Palladiana terrazzo table for Zimmerman’s first shop in St Tropez, for Centreline.

Palladiana is a particular type of terrazzo similar to a mosaic finish, that uses larger chunks of marble than is usual with terrazzo. This creates a visual, almost graphic design.

For Zimmerman, broken chunks of statuary vein marble were selected and placed into position to the brief provided by the designer. For this project, our MD himself positioned the pieces of marble in a clearly defined combination of large and small pieces of marble. He tells us it made a refreshing change from pushing pens.

The marble was then bonded to fibreglass honeycomb panels, and resin-based terrazzo poured and trowelled into the gaps.

Australian designer brand Zimmerman was founded by sisters Nicky and Simone Zimmerman in 1991. This is their first store in France.


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