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Terrazzo-style quartz

Clients who love the look of terrazzo but are interested in a slightly more robust material should consider our range of quartz lookalike stone.

This engineered stone is less prone to staining than terrazzo, as the material is usually non-porous. It is a uniform design, without the vagaries of bespoke made terrazzo or, indeed natural stone.

It is a solid material, unlike terrazzo which can be poured, so there are certain design limitations. However, quartz is the perfect alternative to terrazzo for large flooring projects that attract heavy footfall, such as concourses and office floors. It is also ideal for domestic flooring, kitchen countertops and wall cladding. Quartz is easy to maintain and can be personalised through waterjet cutting.

One of our most popular terrazzo designs, TE001, a neutral grey and white terrazzo, is matched in look by our quartz SQ020. We currently have good levels of stock available for immediate dispatch for this particular quartz, in 20 and 30mm thickness with a polished finish. For other ‘terrazzo-style’ quartz options please click here to browse our products.

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