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The lockdown spring clean – getting organised for better efficiency

Although Diespeker worked throughout lockdown, albeit with a reduced team, we had a little extra time to put some thought into the organisation of our premises.

One of those niggly jobs that we kept putting on the back burner was sorting out the many different chippings that we have in the bespoke terrazzo / precast area of the factory.

This is where all the magic happens when we create unique terrazzo for commercial and residential clients – many of whom really enjoy visiting to choose exactly what’s going into their mix. In addition, it’s where we make up bespoke samples for clients to consider before deciding on their ideal design.

However, over the years we’ve accumulated so much material that we were a little overwhelmed! There are around 140 different types of chippings but also collections of rocks, bottles, metal, wood and more, sourced from all over the world including Ireland, China and USA.

With no particular system in place, we decided lockdown was the perfect time to sort it out. The new system was largely set up by Andrew Brady, one of our most experienced bespoke terrazzo artisans, helped by Kelly from the office. A huge thank you to Andy and Kelly, we’re very proud of the tidy rows of containers, all clearly labelled and easily accessible.

During this reorganisation we also relocated ‘Jaws’, our crushing machine, into the precast section. Jaws is used to crush other stone giving rise to even more choices for bespoke terrazzo designs and is a real bonus for our increasing work producing Palladiana terrazzo for clients. As a reminder, we have over 200 different types of marble available at our three premises, plus many more slabs of granite, conglomerate and terrazzo which can all be crushed and added to the mix.

If you’re looking for bespoke terrazzo and want to choose your chippings, you’re welcome to visit us to see the beautifully organised selection! Just get in contact to make an appointment.

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