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As with many during lockdown, we’ve been reminiscing and looking back on previous work we’ve completed. In this retrospective, we take a look at a floor we created in 2018 for interior designer Tamzin Greenhill.

Tamzin will be forever remembered at Diespeker for her dedication to getting it right! She wanted a bespoke, seamless floor for her basement room and knew exactly where to find it.

Tamzin was already aware of our reputation as (she says) ‘the terrazzo experts’ and her architect also recommended us, so Tamzin visited our showroom and factory to take a closer look.

“My husband wanted a concrete floor but I wanted more texture. To me, terrazzo is a timeless material. It can be a bit like marmite, some love it, some don’t, but I love it and lots of my clients (and my husband) have come round to my way of thinking!”

Tamzin wanted to keep the terrazzo on a neutral spectrum to work with her overall design which included oak clad walls to absorb the sound. On a practical front, she wanted a hardwearing surface as the room was mainly for the use of her children.

In total Tamzin had 20 different samples made up before she was 100% happy. Our view is that we want all our clients to feel they have the perfect terrazzo, so the team was pleased to oblige.

The poured resin floor took a couple of weeks to install and finish. Two years on, what does Tamzin think?

“It looks really fantastic, elegant and timeless – and the great thing is, you can’t tell if it’s dirty, you can’t see the children’s footprints!”

Tamzin is a real terrazzo fan; although it’s become popular in recent years, she says it’s not what she’d call a ‘trendy’ material (with 15 minutes of fame), but rather an enduring and ageless choice, harking back as it does to ancient Italy.

Photo credit: Paul Raeside via Living Etc

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