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Trending Terrazzo with Kelly – June

Hasn’t it been lovely to see the sunshine again after a wet Spring! The Diespeker team are certainly appreciating the better weather, especially those who cycle to work – including our MD John.

We continue to be busy sending out samples of so many different terrazzo designs to designers, architects and commercial and residential clients. We’ve recently had new sample boxes designed for larger orders of samples, so if you’re ordering soon you may be one of the first to receive our new packaging.

Not all clients know that in August the all of Italy comes to a standstill. This means that our Italian partners stop working for the whole month, lucky them. For larger commercial projects that need multiple slabs of terrazzo, we always have to get orders in before the Italians down tools! Fortunately, we do keep a good supply of the most popular materials here at Diespeker HQ.

Speaking of popular, we’ve had a lot of interest in TE114 – I mentioned this last time as one to watch, and it turns out I was right! This is a resin terrazzo which uses multiple chunks of marble in brown, cream, green, orange, terracotta and white. It’s set in a white base and works really well for countertops, but also flooring and cladding.

Statement-Terrazzo -Kitchen

There’s an ‘opposition’ terrazzo for TE114 with TE115, which uses the same chunks but in a black base. This provides a more dramatic finish – but with so many colours in the mix, it’s definitely not stark. I’d be more than happy using it for a kitchen countertop in a lovely sunny kitchen, or for a bathroom floor.


If you’re looking for a really impactful terrazzo, TE142 is worth considering. The background colour is grey but the chunks are a colourful array including green, terracotta, dark grey, white and yellow – which has a gold hue. Again this would make a great countertop, and I can visualise it as a kitchen island – a real feature in the room.

I’ll be back with you again in a couple of months, so I hope you have a lovely summer. If you’re lucky enough to be going on holiday, have a really good break.


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