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As big fans of terrazzo, there’s nothing we like better than seeing it used on floors and walls

Diespeker terrazzo is most commonly available at our standard 20mm in thickness, with 30mm for
certain applications.

We have now introduced 12mm terrazzo tiles. These are more suitable for cladding walls due to their lighter
weight, and also for floors where a low profile is needed. For flooring we would advise using these in indoor settings with lower levels of footfall.

The range of tiles available in 12mm thickness with a choice of 300x300mm or 600x600mm are:

  • TE007 (white, brown, grey)
  • TE019 (grey, green, white)
  • TE081 (cream, green, orange, pink, white)
  • TE081B (black, green, pink)

We are also offering 12mm in a new design, recently introduced to our range. TE152 has a white
background with terracotta pink-hued chippings. This new cement-based terrazzo will join our Standard Plus range.


For this range of tiles please add £50 per sqm on top of the standard sqm price.

Other options
Interested in 12 mm but have your heart set on another product? We’ve got good news for you. While the above designs are available in 12mm as standard, we can also offer this thin profile for all other designs from our standard, standard plus and luxury ranges!

The process of this requires our 20mm standard materials to be milled down upon request, and as a result you will need to add £100 per sqm to the standard sqm price.

If you’re interesting in requesting a formal quote for a project, speak to a member of our sales team!

This thinner range of tiles offers flexibility of use in more areas of the home. However, it is important
to understand that these thinner profile tiles are more prone to cracking than the thicker versions.
They should only be installed by an experienced professional tiler.

If you would like to discuss this before ordering, please talk to our sales team. Diespeker cannot be
held responsible for tiles damaged during or after installation by other contractors.

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