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Unique Coffee Bean terrazzo table with McCollin Bryan

Tables come in all shapes and sizes but some simply stand out from the crowd.

McCollin Bryan’s Coffee Bean table was first launched in 2002 and has continued to be one of their bestselling designs worldwide. These iconic tables up until now have been made of scagliola, a method of casting plaster that is traditionally used decoratively to imitate marble. The mould was one of the most interesting parts of the process for Diespeker, prompting lots of questions from curious customers in our showroom (see picture below).

Diespeker is delighted to have been approached by McCollin Bryan to create the design company’s first terrazzo Coffee Bean table. The geometric, sculptural design is perfect for casting in terrazzo. The first collection, with tumbled Carrara marble, is being produced with a choice of Indigo, Burnt Sienna or Jade base colours.

The collaboration brings together skills and experience from the colourful and creative environs of South East London. Diespeker’s premises in Ormside Street houses a wealth of expertise in bespoke terrazzo work, with the artisan team responsible for innovating new and intriguing ways of using this marvellous material.

McCollin Bryan designs and manufactures a distinctive portfolio of finely crafted furniture and objects from the company’s studio space, with an approach driven by a desire to create pieces which are as visually intriguing as they are functional. Their work aims to subvert expectation by contrasting opposing ideas, such as exploring the relationship between organic and geometric shapes. This concept gives each piece a strong multi-sensory impact, designed to evoke an emotional response in the viewer.

If you’d like to enquire about the fabulous terrazzo Coffee Bean, you can speak to McCollin Bryan direct

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More about McCollin Bryan

McCollin Bryan was established in 1998 by Don McCollin and Maureen Bryan as an opportunity to satisfy their mutual need to create. Both share a profound love of art and the creative process, and an emphasis on the idea of ‘contrast’ has been a reigning influence ever since they brought together their individual disciplines to one endeavour. McCollin began his career studying textiles at the Royal College of Art,giving him an excellent eye for textures and patterns, whereas Bryan studied ceramics at Middlesex Polytechnic, which has afforded her a keen ability to focus on the structural impact of McCollin Bryan designs.

Their shared motivation to forgo mass production and industrialised processes in favour of working in small batches using traditional techniques has allowed them to create an eye-catching array of exclusive designs. At their studio in South-East London, McCollin Bryan has expanded over recent years into a small team of highly talented craftspeople that have built upon the founders’ extensive experience with their invaluable creative insight.

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