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Want to know more about terrazzo?

Diespeker is now offering a free presentation seminar for London-based architectural and design practices.

The presentation is given by Kevin Meynard, our Business Development Director. Kevin will give helpful information on such topics as:

  • Different types of terrazzo
    • Cement based
    • Resin based
    • Standard and bespoke
    • Tile, screed, precast
  • How a terrazzo tile / slab is made
  • What terrazzo can be used for and which type is best for:
    • Countertops
    • Flooring
    • Cladding
    • Moulds
  • Using cement and resin based terrazzo in the same project for a seamless finish
  • Restrictions on the use of terrazzo
  • Maintenance

The presentation runs for approximately 45 mins to one hour with questions, and is perfect for a lunchtime session. It is available for large and small practices. It is PowerPoint-based and slides can be made available to attendees.

Please note this is an informal, informational presentation. As ambassadors for terrazzo, which we have been working with for more than 135 years, Diespeker is keen to encourage awareness of the material and its relevance to today’s designs.

For practices outside of London, the presentation can also be given at our Bermondsey showroom and factory, giving you the opportunity to see the material first hand. Or please discuss other options with Kevin directly.

To book a seminar, please email Kevin directly and he will call you to arrange a convenient date and time:

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