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MBE for stem4 CEO Dr Nihara Krause

We are incredibly proud to announce that the CEO and Chief Clinical Officer of Diespeker’s long-term charity partner stem4 has been awarded an MBE in the King’s Birthday Honours List.  Dr Nihara Krause has been recognised for services to the mental health of young people. Everyone at Diespeker is delighted with this impressive recognition.

Dr Krause founded stem4 in 2011, to provide accurate, user-friendly psychoeducation to young people, their families and carers and schools.

stem4 was founded on the knowledge that early identification and intervention made a real difference in stemming what has recently been reported to be escalating teenage mental health conditions in their often serious and long-lasting course.

Today, Dr Krause, and stem4 work with students, parents and teachers in over 1,800 secondary schools and colleges.  Head Ed, stem4’s free multimedia resource, is used in Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) lessons to teach pupils about mental health.  Dr Krause has created five NHS-approved smartphone apps, all deploying evidence-based strategies, to help young people in handling their mental health difficulties. These apps, which include Calm Harm, Clear Fear, Move Mood, Combined Minds, and Worth Warrior, have been downloaded and used by over 4 million people.

She says “I feel very privileged to receive the honour of an MBE, and especially grateful for a further opportunity to talk about and support young people’s mental health.  Although I am very humbled, the honour isn’t only a reflection of my work, it also recognises the dedication and commitment of my colleagues at stem4.  The past three years have been very troubling, with so many more young people experiencing mental health difficulties.  As I reflect on what this honour means, over the next 12 months my focus will be on promoting resilience in young people, and on campaigning for access to different types of mental health support, whether via community hubs or digitally. At the same time I plan to explore ways to minimise risk for young people as they struggle to access the mental health support they need.”

This is not Dr Krause’s first award, although it is her greatest honour. In 2015 David Cameron presented her with the Point of Light Award for her work and in 2014 she received the Mayor of London’s Award for her commitment to the community. In 2019 she received the British Citizen’s Award, health (BCAh) for her contribution to the health of children and young people in the UK.

Diespeker is honoured to have been associated with Dr Krause and to have supported stem4 in multiple different ways as our corporate charity for around 11 years.

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