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Studio Diespeker!

All a bit hush hush until recently, we were delighted to be able to help Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead of interior design company 2 Lovely Gays by providing a backdrop for promo photography for their appearance at the London Design Festival, 24 – 27 September.


However, this wasn’t a case of bringing out our shiniest marble worktops or glossy tiles, the 2 Lovely Gays wanted something less polished. So they took over part of our yard in South London where we store our slabs of terrazzo, granite and marble, and turned it into a set. The resulting photographs we think you’ll agree are original and eye-catching.

If you’re attending the London Design festival, look out for Jordan and Russell at the Design Clinic at designjunction. They will be available to help solve your interior design dilemmas – and hopefully recommend Diespeker for any natural stone and terrazzo products you may need. Find out more here.

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