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Flamboyant Flooring for Grand Café in Marylebone

Fischer’s is a new, informal café style eatery that opens for breakfast and serves food and drinks until the late hours. When Chris Corbin and Jeremy King decided to create their latest venture in Marylebone High Street, they were set on achieving the atmosphere of a classic Viennese café.

Design studio Brady Williams directed the effective realisation of this refined take on ‘Kaffee and Kuchen’. South London marble and terrazzo specialist Diespeker provided the unique, highly polished flooring that augments the ambience.

The specification was for flooring primarily in the bar area and borders, as well as the restrooms. Although terrazzo was originally mooted as the main component, the completed design comprises four different materials; three conglomerate and one engineered from Diespeker’s comprehensive standard range. They are a distinctive mix of colours from the brown, beige, pink and red spectrum.


Specialist features include a high inlaid brass ‘F’. With a floor space of approximately 160m², the flooring sheets were bespoke-cut to 300 x 300mm tiles at Diespeker’s factory in Bermondsey.

Diespeker Managing Director, John Krause commented: “The major challenge of this project was to achieve the highest standard of finish within a testing install window of only four weeks from commission to completion.”

The Diespeker installation team worked meticulously to achieve a quality finish, including a seamless intersection with existing wood flooring in the bar area.

A spokesperson from Brady Williams Studio said: “We are very happy with the overall design and have had fantastic feedback. The flooring was a key factor in ensuring we achieved the classical and luxurious feel of the space, and was beautifully executed by Diespeker. We cannot fault their service throughout the design and installation process.”

Fischer’s opened to the public on schedule in June 2014. The Londonist guide said: “High ceilings, shiny tiled floors, shinier brass fixtures, large mirrors and plush light fittings give an overwhelming sense of glamour”. A Telegraph reviewer wrote: “The glossy marquetry, ochre glazed tiles, Thonet bentwoods and patriotic art (think lederhosen, snow-capped mountains and big moustaches) would not look out of place on the Ringstrasse.”

Project value to Diespeker: approximately £70K

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