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Diespeker is proud to announce its new luxury range of quartzite, onyx and marble. These are all rare stones not easily obtainable in the UK – and a fantastic addition to Diespeker’s already large selection of natural stone. They have unique, high quality traits that lend themselves to lavish, extravagant projects.

These dazzling stones can be used for stunning countertops and tables, indulgent vanity units and magnificent fireplace surrounds, or can be used for their beauty alone, as a decorative show piece in the home, restaurant or office.


Onyx has its place in Roman mythology, said to have come from the fingernail clippings of the goddess Venus, which the Fates transformed into stone. This natural stone has been associated with jewellery for thousands of years but also offers a lavish choice for a variety of surfaces.

While Onyx is delicate and may not be the best option for a kitchen work top that will see heavy use, it is simply wonderful for fireplace surrounds and vanity units, high end bars counters and splashbacks. Even better, as it has translucent qualities, Onyx has the added benefit of being able to be backlit – perfect on the wall with LED lighting showing off its unique, semi-precious qualities. Our new range includes bright blues, purples and greens, but also alabaster and ivory tones.


Quartzite is a natural material sometimes confused with quartz, which is actually engineered stone. As such, quartzite is more porous and when used as a countertop it needs to be sealed carefully and treated with care. However, the trade-off is its beauty, exquisite individual patterns created by pressure and heat when it is formed beneath the earth’s surface. Some clients may like the fact that it is a totally natural stone rather than manmade, which will appeal to the eco-conscious.

Diespeker now has in stock Azul Macaubas, a deep blue stone from Brazil, Blue Explosion, a grey/blue stone with wild patterns, Azul Cielo with its silver grey background and white and gold streaks, and Superwhite, a gorgeous white natural stone with grey veins.


Diespeker has a long history with marble, from intricate marble mosaic work to luxurious countertops and cladding in projects – in fact, ever since our foundation in 1881! Marble has an enduring quality that makes it timeless. Marble just never goes out of fashion.

Our latest magnificent marbles include cool Bianco Lilac with beautiful purple and grey veining, elegant Arabescato Orobico Grigio, grey with white and gold veins, and Bianco Lasa Covelano, a coveted white marble that has translucent qualities.

Visit our new website pages to browse our full range of Onyx, Quartzite and Marble, including our new luxury options. Or see them all in one place with our Deluxe Edit. 

You can also visit the showroom to get face to face with these sensations! Make an appointment here

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