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Additional storage facility ups the ante

A potential concern for projects requiring natural and manufactured stone is always going to be stock availability. Marble, granite and terrazzo are all luxury materials and few UK businesses have the capacity or space to keep vast quantities on site.

Over the past decade, Diespeker has cultivated a reputation as a comprehensive stockist, with the choice of stone kept stored on the premises ever expanding. We even took on a temporary additional storage space to augment our ability to offer stone for fast delivery. Being able to fulfil orders quickly led to a rise in business, to the point that we were storing slabs in some less than practical places! Something needed to be done.

Fortuitously for Diespeker, the ideal solution came along when a large tract of industrial land became available, just 150 metres away from Diespeker HQ. A lucky break in this busy, built-up part of South East London.

Dubbed ‘D2’, referencing the second major location for Diespeker, the plot ticked all the boxes as a secure storage facility for many of our popular materials and some more unusual, more extravagant slabs we keep in stock for high end projects.

Before we could really get started the site need to be levelled, which included digging up the existing surface and laying new concrete. We sourced and installed additional A frames to allow the safe storage of slabs and implemented an improved system for more efficient stock tracking. The plot included a number of existing, tired-looking Portacabins which just needed refurbishment and a lick of paint. These are ideal to house a useful new hub for administration of the numerous sample requests we receive on a daily basis. Finally, we commissioned smart branded signage and banners to stamp the Diespeker identity on the site.

There are now around 2000 slabs of terrazzo in stock at D2, spanning over 70 different designs. These are arranged in sequence from TE001 right through to TE176. While not every terrazzo in our range is kept in stock, with some still needing to be shipped over from our overseas resource, this is a very comprehensive selection. We also have in stock a growing number of exclusive terrazzo designs which have become sought-after options for commercial and residential projects.

We’re adding more materials all the time; in addition to supplies in D2, we currently have an additional 5000+ slabs of natural and manufactured stone stored in our pre-existing storage areas, our yard, ‘temp’ facility and to the side of the main building. There are few suppliers in the UK who have such a large number of slabs ready to view and ready to be delivered to clients.

But there’s more still. As well as solid stone products, Diespeker has developed a relatively new service to supply chippings direct to clients. These are available pre-bagged and D2 is the perfect location for both storage and collection.

D2 is set up ready for both commercial and residential clients to visit and view our huge choice of materials. Although we have a digital catalogue on our website and are always happy to send out samples, there’s nothing quite like getting up close to the slab of your dreams!

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