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Carlo Scarpa resurfaces!

Some years ago now, Diespeker worked on a project for Andy Martin Architecture, creating a bespoke terrazzo with glass inset for specific sections of the restaurant Fucina’s floor. The creative was inspired by flooring designed by architect Carlo Scarpa in the Olivetti Showroom in St Mark’s Square, Venice; mosaic tiles in a variety of colours give the impression of moving water.

Fast forward to 2021, and we were contracted to make a bespoke table for an overseas client. This too was based on the Carlo Scarpa floor. The client had seen the floor and was keen to replicate the design for his table.

This involved placing rectangles of red glass of differing shades by hand into the mould and pouring terrazzo around the shapes. Much like the creation of Fucina’s floor, but on a smaller, more manageable scale. MD John Krause couldn’t resist getting involved in making sure the shapes were put in the right place.

The client had noticed that the background colour of the Olivetti Showroom floor was likely to have been changed over time by ingrained dirt, and he was keen to get a clear contrast between the glass and the terrazzo by returning to what would have been a closer background colour.

The table is totally stunning, a one-off bespoke piece that is now gracing a delightful home in warmer climes than its starting point of South London!

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