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Diespeker chosen charity wins prestigious award

Nihara Krause recently picked up an award from the Mayor of London for her work with Wimbledon-based charity STEM4, the charity supported by Diespeker & Co.

Actress Barbara Windsor MBE, Paralympian Martine Wright, designer Wayne Hemingway MBE and Mayor Boris Johnson presented the awards at a ceremony in City Hall.


Dr Krause was recognised for her work as founder and CEO of the charity, that aims to increase understanding and awareness of mental health issues in teenagers and reduce the stigma attached to these conditions. STEM4 shares information on early warning signs and providing effective strategies for dealing with them.

Natural stone and man-made materials specialist Diespeker supports STEM4 as its charity of the year.

Nihara’s husband, Diespeker Managing Director John Krause, regularly runs marathons to raise funds for the charity. Congratulations to Nihara, pictured here with Barbara Windsor and Boris Johnson.

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