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Expansion of marble supply for London specialist

Leading natural stone and terrazzo specialist Diespeker & Co has launched a new initiative for 2018, which will see a substantial change in the supply and delivery of an expanded range of high quality marble and stone from its South East London premises.

The new development means that Diespeker currently has around 3,000 slabs available on site, offering over 140 diverse types of marble from Travertine Classico and Calacatta to Rosso Francia and Pietra Savigny.

This augmented range gives contractors, architects and designers a vastly superior selection, and a shorter supply chain means that orders can be fulfilled more quickly than the current lead time. In addition, with state-of-the-art cutting, grinding and polishing machines at the company’s factory, Diespeker can fulfil contracts from initial order to installation, giving one point of contact throughout each project.

Diespeker MD, John Krause said: “While more recently we have been dominating the terrazzo market, Diespeker has its roots firmly in the natural stone sector. 

“This is a really exciting development for us and I look forward to the Diespeker name becoming once again synonymous with marble as well as terrazzo.”

The increased range also has a positive impact on the company’s award-winning, bespoke terrazzo service, as a wider choice of aggregate is now available to facilitate unique surface design opportunities.

Diespeker is currently updating its website to reflect the wider range available. This will include an option to request samples, and the opportunity to order online. In the meantime, enquiries can be made to the Diespeker office on 020 7358 0160 or by email to

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