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Introducing our youngest terrazzo designer


There’s nothing like encouraging the next generation at a very early stage… Introducing Florence, who at just 6, showed dad Andy Brady the promise in her design skills.

Florence was colouring in in the kitchen and Andy asked her to make daddy a picture. She obliged and came up with a design using lots of coloured dots. When Andy asked here what it was, she told him it was terrazzo – well what did you expect, Andy?

As Diespeker’s talented bespoke terrazzo expert, Andy could see immediately that the design had promise so he decided to make up the terrazzo at the factory. Factory worker Dave Edwards, nicknamed ‘grandad’ by his colleagues, asked what Andy was doing and when he found out who it was for said “This is for our princess!” Dave was adamant that the piece of terrazzo should be properly finished and polished ready to give to Florence.

Florence was over the moon with her terrazzo, which is white Carrara chippings with red, blue and yellow glass, and just a little bit of pink. The ‘Florence terrazzo’ has got lots of design potential, and would make a great surface for a floor or kitchen countertop.

As the name Florence has connections with the homeland of terrazzo, we weren’t at all surprised to discover Florence’s innate skill. And we are delighted to hear that Florence says she wants to work at Diespeker. As well as the terrazzo, Florence was given a Diespeker beanie so she is already part of the team. We’ll be holding a position open for her in a decade or so’s time!

In the meantime, if you have young children or would like to have a go at designing a terrazzo yourself, why not try our Terrazzo Design Studio?

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