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Keep on trucking!

We are very proud of our history and rightly so. Diespeker has been in business for an incredible 138 years and we are still supplying and installing terrazzo – just as we have right from the start. Not a bad run for an independent business.

It’s always a thrill to discover something from the early days, and our MD John Krause was excited to receive a photo from one of our suppliers; it shows a Twin-steer Max 6s bearing the Diespeker name.

This was one of only a small number of this particular model of truck produced in 1954 (making it slightly older than John!). At that time, the truck would have been transporting materials from our Euston Road depot to customers in the London area.

The motor manufacturer was Dennis, which was founded by John and Raymond Dennis in Guildford, Surrey and known for making fire engines. You’ll still see their famous name on dustbin lorries around the country.

The photograph was spotted by Brian Hatch in Classic and Vintage Commercials, and we were kindly given permission by editor Peter Simpson to reproduce it.

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