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New glass pebble resin terrazzo

London terrazzo specialist Diespeker & Co has introduced a bespoke terrazzo range featuring coloured glass and ceramic pebbles.

The result offers an unusual mosaic style terrazzo that evokes the perception of nature within a bold contemporary design. The combination of bright colours together with the reflective quality of the glass pebbles and the shape of the ceramic pebbles creates an unusual, extravagant medium for creative interior design.

This luxury terrazzo is currently available in eleven different colourways from subtle brown to red, blue and green – click here to view the range (RD068 to RD078). The designs can be created in one colour or customers can create bespoke options using a combination of colours. Different effects are achieved by varying the number of pebbles for a dense or sparser look. With some pebbles flattish and others of a more conventional pebble shape, each terrazzo made will be totally unique.

The pebble terrazzo is made to order in Diespeker’s factory. It’s a labour-intensive process that involves firstly grinding the pebbles then laying them into position by hand. The method means it is perfectly possible to create either a random or more ordered design. Ceramic pebbles have been used in samples RD076, RD077 and RD078 to achieve a mesmerising large chippings effect.

Diespeker MD John Krause says: “Primarily we see the glass pebbles being used with our resin terrazzo as the perfect medium. For example, with resin we can create a panel as thin as 10mm, creating a transparent effect with the pebbles that will be visually stunning.

“However, there’s no reason why we can’t also cast the glass pebbles into cement terrazzo. As always, we are happy to discuss with customers which option will suit their project best.”

The new glass pebble terrazzo designs are an ideal choice for chic countertops and panels and would create a stunning floor choice suitable for bathrooms in particular.

Due to the bespoke nature of this resin terrazzo, we have a limited number of samples available to order through our website, here. Alternatively, if you’d like to discuss a more bespoke option, please email us on or call the office on 020 7358 0160.

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