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The clean, polished surface of terrazzo is something that we are very familiar with at Diespeker. Many of our projects require a beautiful, simplistic finish.

However, there are other ways to play with terrazzo, from bending it (one of our areas of expertise) to creating a fluted design. Diespeker has been creating fluted terrazzo surfaces for some years and we have worked on some superb projects. Recently there’s been a renewed interest in the style, making it a contemporary trend.

But there’s more than one way to flute!

The ‘fluted’ look, perhaps so-called after the tubular musical instrument, is created in our factory using the specialist CNC saw. The chosen slab of terrazzo is profiled with the saw cleverly shaping the rounded shape into the stone.

Using the slab as one piece

1. The profiled terrazzo slab can then be cut to size to be used in a single piece. This can then be installed in sheet form exactly the same way as any slab of terrazzo. While generally used for walls and cladding, it could in theory be used for a fluted terrazzo ceiling!

Cutting the slab into strips

Once the slab has been profiled, it is cut into individual strips. These strips are stuck to the substrate on plan, creating a more striking finish. The beauty of this method is that it can be used on curved profiles making it much more of an aesthetic option.

fluted terrazzo

While ideal for terrazzo, this attractive design style can be used in any of our stone products, including granite and marble.

Completed fluted projects by Diespeker include a TE007 reception desk for WeWork, an extra-wide bespoke terrazzo reception desk in Grosvenor Street, and a stunning red travertine marble reception desk which used 200 flutes at 2mm each to create an eye-catching desk.

This unusual finish can only be used on the vertical, so is best suited to cladding. As well as reception desks, it is ideal as cladding for vanity units and kitchen cabinets and islands – although if you have a different project in mind, we’re always happy to discuss the possibilities. Diespeker, as everyone know, certainly loves a challenge.

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