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New stain protection for terrazzo and stone

As one of the premier suppliers of terrazzo in the UK, Diespeker is always keen to give the highest quality service to clients.

When we have created a beautiful terrazzo counter for a client, we always explain that, like many surfaces, terrazzo can stain. We offer advice on how to avoid this happening and suggest specific food and liquid products to take extra special care with. Inevitably, some clients will end up with stains on their counters and although there are a number of ways to clean terrazzo, this is not ideal.

Over the years we have tested various products that make terrazzo more stain resistant – but these have either been not as effective as we’d like or they have actually altered the look of the terrazzo. As the look is often the reason a client has opted for terrazzo, this wasn’t acceptable. Diespeker also looked into the option of offering an engineered stone equivalent to our terrazzo range, but while this has certain benefits, it doesn’t have the appeal of ‘real’ terrazzo.

So, we’re delighted to announce that after extensive research we have come across a product fairly new to the market that provides a superb protective coating to the terrazzo without changing the appearance of the surface. It’s a combination of primer, protector and activator, applied to the terrazzo after installation.

Back at HQ, the Diespeker team carried out a series of tests and two major staining offenders were tested on the protective layer. 30 hours after the application of red wine and ketchup there was no evidence of staining on the terrazzo surface. The manufacturers of the coating have carried out other rigorous trials; testing to 24 hours with similar products to red wine, as well as testing to 4 hours with acidic products.

The water-based coating has been rigorously analysed to ensure it is suitable for food contact. Similarly, it has undergone tests to prove it doesn’t yellow with age or through exposure to UV. There are sensible precautions to take after coating, including not using knives directly on the treated surface, and to reapply the coating should it become damaged.

Diespeker will be pleased to offer the coating to clients who have already purchased countertops from us, for a reduced rate. And in the future the coating will be offered as an option for all new terrazzo countertops.

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