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What do I need to know before getting a marble worktop?

At the heart of our business is marble. Diespeker has worked with marble in the UK since we started in London in 1881.

There is no denying the true beauty of the material which always creates a sense of grandeur and elegance in a home or commercial property. You just need to take a look at the marble statues in galleries to see the stunning impact of this incomparable natural material.

While more recently Diespeker has made our name in the supply of terrazzo, we continue to provide the highest quality marble. In fact, we believe that marble is currently enjoying a bit of a renaissance.

So what do you need to know if you’re thinking of using marble for your countertop?

Where does marble come from?

Marble has always traditionally been associated with Italy. But it is also quarried in other countries. At Diespeker we import marble from countries including Italy, Greece, Portugal and Spain.

What about the environment?

Quarrying is not a particularly environmentally friendly operation, although strides have been made in recent decades to improve the industry. However, if looked after properly, a marble countertop will last a lifetime and be used by future generations. So the trade-off could be the consideration of longevity of use.

How do you know what look you’re getting?

No slab of marble is the same! Even a white marble has its own characteristics, and most marble has veins and colour variations. We are fortunate at Diespeker to have many marbles on-site in our yard, and customers often visit us to choose the exact slab that takes their fancy. It’s also worth noting that your countertop can be supplied in a polished or matte finish.

Is marble a very heavy material?

Yes, marble is heavy and difficult to move around. Rather than risk a breakage we recommend using a professional installer. Our own teams are experienced in working with marble so you can rest assured that your countertop will be safely installed. It is important to ensure your cabinets can take the weight of the marble – you should check this with the supplier. Again, by having the counter professionally installed this can be double-checked beforehand when the team comes to template the countertop.

What if I want a sink cut into it?

Not a problem. Your supplier should be able to add any features to your specification, including cutouts for sinks and hobs and the edges you prefer. Diespeker has a specialist factory with the latest Italian machinery to enable us to introduce any feature you request. You can see it in action when you come to choose your marble.

How about staining and other damage?

Contrary to popular belief, marble does stain. Although the surface seems hard, marble is actually quite soft, and a naturally porous material. There are ways of mitigating stains, especially cleaning the surface immediately after a spill. The main culprits are acidic liquids like red wine, chilli sauce, ketchup – so it’s advisable to protect the surface from these. A marble surface should be sealed prior to use and resealed after about 10 years.

Remember that marble can also be damaged, for example if a heavy object is dropped on to it. The good news is that marble is resistant to heat, water and scratches, it’s mainly the spills you need to be careful about. General maintenance is straightforward, using a neutral cleaner and a kitchen cloth.

All in all, you need to consider the practicalities of a marble countertop before you purchase it. The supplier is not liable for damage once the product is in situ.

Does marble increase the value of my property?  

Marble is a timeless material, and buyers looking for luxury a beautiful marble countertop could consider it a real selling point. Many potential purchasers would be keen to keep a marble countertop, and as a material it lends itself well to different interior design ideas.

Is marble very expensive?

Luxury is never cheap, and marble is the epitome of luxury. There is some wiggle room here, however: since marble does exist in so many places and so many varieties, it’s available in an incredibly wide range of qualities and prices. It is possible to shop around and find relatively affordable options for run-of-the-mill quality marble countertops, but the pristinely smooth stuff that sparkles and glistens like a Grecian temple in the sun can be prohibitively expensive.

Example price for White Carrara (MA003) costs from £700.

You can check our complete range of marble by visiting:

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