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When you want a surface that’s out of the ordinary

Marble is a timeless, durable and gorgeous surface material, perfect for worktops, floors, cladding and many more decorative uses. It’s found and quarried all over the world, from Egypt to China, Italy to New Zealand.

There’s no definitive count of the different types of marble, but there are many hundreds if not thousands of varieties.

As a top London marble supplier, we keep a wide range of the most popular marbles in stock at Diespeker, including Carrara, Rojo Alicante and Calacatta. It’s a luxury material and no-one wants slabs of this beautiful stone sitting around unloved!

But what if you’re looking for a marble that is something a little different?

While it’s not good business sense to import expensive slabs, stockists like Diespeker will sometimes see something that really catches their eye. Or in our case, the eye of our MD John!

For example, recently John was rather taken with a marble called Rosa Norvegia. Norvegia, quite simply, means Norway, perhaps better known for its fjords than its marble. In fact, this is the only marble that comes from Norway, a rare natural treasure from a quarry in Fauske. Rosa Norvegia (which is also sometimes called Fauske marble), has a unique pink colour with soft brush strokes of white and grey – you could possibly imagine it looks like a pink sky with clouds.

Perfect for interior and exterior use, we think it would be a great choice for a family kitchen worktop or island, an interesting retail design or a creative environment.

If you’re not into pink but you’re still interested in sourcing a marble that’s not ordinarily kept in stock, let the Diespeker team know a few details, such as us what colour palette you’re keen on and what your timescale is.

Our contacts around the world know we’re always on the look-out for special materials – so your ideal marble might become available some day soon.

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