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Catch Diespeker on your TV soon!

In February last year we were contacted by production company Endemol Shine UK, which makes the BBC 2 programme Your Home Made Perfect: “Transforming problematic pads into heavenly homes. Cutting edge technology and innovative architects reveal the design dream ordinary houses could become.”

The production team was keen to film at Diespeker to find out more about terrazzo, which features in one of the new episodes. They were most interested in the bespoke creation of terrazzo, which is an area in which our skill and expertise is pretty much unrivalled in this country.

The film date was moved several times, from March to June and then July, as plans had to be rejigged due to the pandemic. On the filming day, the crew arrived; the director, two camera-people and a sound recordist, plus architect Will Foster and the show’s presenter, Angela Scanlon.

Will and Angela visited the mystical ‘green shed’ where all the magic happens for bespoke terrazzo production. Here, they created their own samples. They also spent time filming in the showroom.

We finished off Will and Angela’s samples by honing and polishing them, before sending them to the presenters to keep. We also gave Angela some samples of TE107 to use as coasters! These and her beautiful bespoke terrazzo slab pop up on her Instagram feed from time to time.

The programme airs on 14th June at 8pm. Take a look and see if you can spot who from the Diespeker team pops up!

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