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Angela Scanlon’s marvellous marble experience!

Diespeker met Angela when an episode of Your Home Made Perfect featured terrazzo, and she visited our factory with architect Will Foster to see how terrazzo was made. Angela and Will even made their own bespoke terrazzo, a process they seemed to greatly enjoy.

Fast forward to 2022 and Angela was looking for a new coffee table. So she decided to come to the experts – Diespeker!

We asked Angela about her experience…

Q. You clearly loved the terrazzo you made in 2020 but opted for marble for the coffee table. Great choice, but what was the reason?

A. I spend a lot of time through work perving on people’s homes, on Pinterest making boards of dream nooks and downstairs loos so I have quite an assortment of inspiration but in my own home I am quite disciplined about what I take into it. I only ever want things I love, that I feel a proper connection to, pieces that start a conversation and bring me joy every time I look at them! As a brief that’s pretty punchy but we definitely did it!

Q. Was there a particular design you had in mind for the table, and what inspired this idea?

A. For the living room I wanted something that felt like it had landed from another planet. I liked the idea of a soft, feminine marble in a brutal shape. So those washed pinks and golds – but formed into a very angular block.

Q. You came to Diespeker to browse the many marble slabs we have in our yard. What sort of colour and patterning were you looking for, and which marble did you choose?

A. I almost lost my mind!! I had been before for work and was absolutely blown away by the place. The giant slabs of natural stones, marbles etc. ‘Found’ designs that are more beautiful than anyone could actually design, each completely unique.

Q. What do you think of your new table?

A. I wanted it to look LUXE and weighty but ethereal and a bit cosmic. Those softer colours really appealed to me and every time I look there’s a different little knot or twist that I hadn’t seen before. It’s magic.

Q. What’s the plan for styling the table within your home?

A. It’s too beautiful to cover in stuff which is my natural tendency so I’ve been very strict with myself! A little jar of flowers and a couple of books. I want her (yes that table is a she) to breathe and shine!

Q. What was it like working with the Diespeker team?

A. It was a dream!! They were so accommodating and passionate. Sydney knows that enormous yard like the back of his hand and guided me around (heavily pregnant!) with such care. As we were browsing I’d say, ‘oh i like that tiny little chocolate speckle’ on a big green slab and he’d say, ‘ok if you like that let me know you something else…’. We spent the morning exploring until we found the perfect piece. It was like that slab was made for us.

Looking to design something specific for your own home? We have plenty of experience creating bespoke furniture pieces for clients from our beautiful stone selection.

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Yard images by Soora photography

Finished Pictures supplied by Angela Scanlon

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