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Cleaning your terrazzo worktop with confidence! Diespeker’s new neutral cleaner

We recently launched our first ‘own brand’ maintenance product, Diespeker anti-stain protection. It’s gone down so well that we decided to expand the range with a neutral detergent for daily cleaning.

Although durable, terrazzo also needs a good dose of TLC to keep it looking at its best. When cleaning the surface, it’s important to avoid using any harsh chemicals as these can cause discoloration – in much the same way as acidic liquids like lemon and chilli sauce, while using cleaners containing ammonia can leave a film on your worktop.

Our new neutral detergent for terrazzo is the perfect choice when you’re cleaning up spills or just carrying out your normal cleaning routine. It’s carefully balanced and won’t cause damage or discolouration.

You can use this cleaner for other types of surface too, it’s great for marble and granite, and any natural stone surface you fancy cleaning! And when used in conjunction with our anti-stain protector developed specifically for use with terrazzo and natural stone, you’ll be doing all the right things to keep your worktop in tiptop condition.

Our new cleaner costs £10 for 1L with free delivery. To get your hands on our latest maintenance product and keep your worktop looking its best, click the button below:

If you’re in need of our anti-stain protector, this costs £35 for 1L with free delivery and is available via the button below:

We’ve put together a detailed article given more information about how to best maintain your terrazzo worktops. To read this, follow the link below:

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