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New tea bar showcases striking new terrazzo

With the multitude of cafes on offer in the centre of London, creating a bespoke look is always an important consideration. So, when the owners of Denj Tea Bar were looking for a countertop, they knew just where to come.

The tea bar recently opened in Mortimer Street, Fitzrovia, the heart of the Capital. It is a unique place to stop for refreshments, serving a selection of carefully sourced, niche teas plus a limited menu serving exquisite flavours to complement the teas.

As a unique endeavour, the interior of the tea bar called for something just a little special. This turned out to be one of Diespeker’s newer terrazzo designs, TE081, commissioned to provide a vibrant and eye-catching counter.

TE081 has a cream base to highlight large chunks of strongly coloured marble and smaller, more neutral chippings. This particular counter has the additional feature of being curved, which called for strips of terrazzo to be carefully stuck together before being ground down to produce a smooth curve.

In addition, the top of the counter had to be pre-cut in the Diespeker factory to facilitate the installation into the surface of an Uber Boiler built-in water drain, scales and timer, countertop pitcher rinser and waste chute.

Suitable for both commercial and residential projects, TE081 is available from Diespeker’s Standard range. It’s a resin-based terrazzo and kept stocked in 12mm, 20mm and 30mm thickness. In addition, Diespeker has recently added a similar design, TE084, in cement-based terrazzo, available in 20 and 30mm.

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