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Most of us dutifully recycle our bottles – but how many think about using them decoratively?

Diespeker recently did just this, working with joinery and furniture specialist, JBL Furniture to produce a unique terrazzo display panel and countertop for an international bank.

The creative idea was to use crushed green beer bottles as the aggregate for terrazzo – with the challenge to exactly match the finishes of resin based terrazzo for the display panel (which needed to be lightweight and easy to fix) with cement based terrazzo for the countertop.

Before being commissioned, Diespeker produced a sample for the client. When this was approved, 100 bottles of Peroni were purchased – for the glass alone. For the sake of waste reduction, the lager was decanted into water bottles (purchased at the same time) for Diespeker employees to take home.

The beer bottles were crushed in Diesepeker’s dedicated crushing machine, Jaws, before the units were cast. Due to the requirement for a fast turnaround, casting took place on a Saturday morning.

The match of the two materials was seamless, due to the Diespeker team’s unique experience and skills, acquired on previous projects.

From the sample production to the final items was just three weeks.

This project highlights Diespeker’s ability to reflect corporate branding. Possibilities are endless, and include a multi-coloured countertop for a jelly bean specialist, and bespoke terrazzo in orange with aeroplanes in brass, for a well-known airline.

Additionally, it offers a new potential for recycling, as many materials, from broken glass and plastic toys to ring pulls and washers can be reused as aggregate in terrazzo, as well as marble remnants from our yard.


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