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International Bright Young Thing

Just over three months into 2018 and we’re having a really exciting year as far as international projects are concerned. This is a mixture of supply-only and supply and fix work, for a variety of clients.

In Doha we are working for designer brand Issey Miyake, curving resin terrazzo panels for cladding. Also in Doha we’re supplying to a doughnut outlet – talk about a contrast!

In Mustique, 800m² of pre-cast and poured in situ terrazzo is being provided to a luxury home, not only our largest export to date, but in the top five of biggest supply and fix contracts fulfilled in 40 years.

For a supply-only contract in Switzerland we are supplying the ever-popular standard terrazzo TE007 (the ‘Bond’ terrazzo) as tiles and countertops.

Ongoing projects for shared office spaces champion WeWork has found Diespeker creating terrazzo countertops for pantries and community bars in Berlin and Paris.

In the exotic Bahamas, we are supplying TE002 terrazzo table tops to the luxury Rosewood Baha Mar.

Relations may now be frosty at the moment with Russia, but just before it all kicked off, Diespeker supplied terrazzo slabs in TE027 and TE081B to be used for bathroom floors and walls, and kitchen countertops.

Where in the world will you find Diespeker next? Watch this space!

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