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Introducing Diespeker Terrazzo Palladiana

We’re pleased to say that the demand and interest in terrazzo remains strong. The latest development is a renewed interest in Palladiana terrazzo, an offshoot of more traditional terrazzo. The Diespeker bespoke terrazzo team has been inspired by an influx of projects based around the striking concept.

What is Palladiana, what’s the difference to regular terrazzo?

With roots firmly fixed in terrazzo used in ancient Rome, it is named after Italian Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio whose work building villas, palaces and churches in C16th is renowned to this day.

Palladiana uses larger-sized chunks of marble compared to regular terrazzo. Usually chunks or chippings would be sized up to 25mm, but with Pallidiana, sizes range from 25 x 25mm to 300 x 300mm – and in theory even larger than that! There are almost no limitations. Some Pallidiana is almost all ‘chunk’ and very little cement, a style sometimes seen on pavements in Italy. The pieces of marble are usually irregular in shape, but they can also be symmetrical, usually rectangular or square.

What’s the process?

The process behind this concept is, without a doubt, extremely time consuming and labour intensive, with every single chunk placed by hand. In the case of a countertop each piece is bonded into the mould, for floors each piece is set in place in the floor. It’s also perfectly possible to create contrasting designs within the terrazzo, ideal for motifs, logos or simply for creative effect – precision and patience required!

Many clients like to get actively involved in placing the chunks of marble in place for their kitchen countertops. They then feel that it is ‘theirs’ – as bespoke as can be.

The result of the process is not just eye-catching, it’s always spectacular!

Experimenting further

Diespeker always aims to test the boundaries of what’s possible – and Palladiana is no exception. Recently we have moved the concept one step further to include chunks of glass or pieces of existing terrazzo – an unusual concept of terrazzo with chunks of terrazzo set into it. We are currently exploring incorporating wood too. As usual, there’s no holding us back.

Our Palladiana projects

The term Palladiana covers a multitude of design concepts as can be seen in the variety of projects we have worked on over the past few years. These include a wonderful floor created for restaurant Fucina, a countertop for the Khandelwal family family which saw them all arrive at the factory to be a part of the process, an exotic green marble Palladiana for Sri Lankan restaurant Kolamba and a Palladiana table for Zimmerman’s first shop in St Tropez.

Prior to lockdown we completed a poured floor in the West End of London with several other floors now on the go, and we’re currently working on a stunning kitchen countertop for a private client. Joining the bespoke team for the countertop creation was Kelly, who usually works in our offices. Possibly one of the first females in this country to contribute this way to a bespoke design!

Why Diespeker is ideally placed to make Palladiana

Diespeker is well placed to create beautiful Palladiana floors and counters for clients. Our knowledge of the marble industry twinned with our expertise working with moulds and poured terrazzo is second to none.

We are fortunate in being a ‘one stop shop’ with impressive stock of marble slabs immediately available at our own premises, without a middle-man this means we can work quickly and cost effectively – although bear in mind that Palladiana is a luxury product requiring many man hours!

It’s worth knowing that as well as traditional cement, Diespeker also produces Palladiana terrazzo using resin.

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