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Nobody does it better….

In our humble opinion, Diespeker’s standard terrazzo range is more than impressive. We have over 120 options spanning neutral designs that work well in any situation all the way through to bold designs that will definitely steal the show.

No terrazzo surface is exactly the same due to nature of the material and the features that can be added, brass strips, grooves, different edges and so on.

However, there are clients that want to go a step further, and that’s where our bespoke terrazzo service comes in. We’ve been offering this service for time immemorial (well almost) but in the past decade or so there has been a marked revival in demand for unique terrazzo designs.

Our bespoke service, grounded in traditional methods, is ideal both for large commercial jobs and smaller residential work.

At any one time, we may have upwards of 10 bespoke poured floor projects on the go for offices, restaurants, concourses, shops and schools. These are always interesting projects for the bespoke team who often have challenges to meet when they arrive on site!

Diespeker’s bespoke kitchen countertops are a real hit with residential clients. Each one is unique, created to the client’s specification.

We recently received an email from a delighted residential client who just couldn’t find the words. Please look away if you are of a delicate disposition!

“…I don’t have the requisite vocabulary to express myself more elegantly regarding your work.

The worktop looks f*&%($)g brilliant.”

We’ll be featuring this very unique worktop later in the year, so watch this space.

Key to our bespoke terrazzo service is our ability to make samples which we send out – some clients need more than others before they make up their minds. We totally understand as there are so many options and it’s important to get the design exactly right. There is a charge for bespoke samples but this is refundable once a project is confirmed.

We have around 100 different chippings on site for clients who want to get hands on when choosing what goes into the mix. Bucket provided!

All our bespoke work is carried out on site at our South East London premises. We always welcome visits, to discuss upcoming projects and to take a look around the site including the bespoke area, known in-house as the Shed! Visits are of course carried out within Covid-19 guidelines to keep visitors and our employees safe.

If you’d like to come along and see what it is we do that nobody does better, just get in touch.

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